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tv   Public Utilities Commission 92716  SFGTV  September 28, 2016 7:00am-8:31am PDT

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>> good afternoon i'd like to call the tuesday, september 27, 2016, meeting of public utilities commission to order mr. secretary call roll. >> commissioner vice president moran commissioner caen
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commissioner courtney code enforcement is excused commissioners the minutes of september 13th minutes any additions, deletions, or changes if not can i have a motion. >> so moved. >> mr. >> moved and seconded. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the minutes are approved next item general public comment this is the time for anyone that wants to discuss an item within our jurisdiction but not on the agenda today speak to us about that madam secretary any cards. >> no cards. >> anybody that want to speak in general public comment? >> afternoon commissioners executive director of bright line want to talk about calaveras that realized a 3.0 deters i've talked to about that
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a mapping tool it defines what disadvantaged communities are a legislative term of art for the legislative and the viral policies statewide i told this commission in the past it didn't include bayview hunters point but the 3.0 version finally includes the bayview hunters point for tracks for san francisco that allows the targeting of state resources to the key area we would like to thank the pta for the questionnaires of bright line over of organized and signed on in the original effort. >> thank you. the sfpuc to make sure that san francisco was included in this definition recently bright line put on a submit in the - over 20 community-based organizations were in attendance and 20 private stakeholder over 40 were
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recommended at the submit indicating the thirst that is existing no bayview hunters point like your continued engagement is incredibly for the final department of emergency is october 21st a friday and for the sfpuc to remain engaged is important to make sure that bayview hunters point at the end of the day will be included in the draft in the future is really important we respectfully ask the commission to continue engaging their written comments due i october 21st. >> thank you it is good news. >> any other public comment? okay. seeing none communications commissioners you have a series of communications in front of you, you any questions or comments about those? >> i do have one comment the
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question that i asked about what the legal basis for the practice on lateral maintenance i received an answer on the update sheet and poke with the general manager about for lincoln's listing some memo the legally authority for the practices is in the public works code and owners main the responsibility for maintaining the lateral all the way to the city but they have the responsibility for repair and replacement of any portion under the streets so if you would confirm that and i'll also be cursed or curious as a homeowner where it is responsible for maintenance not able to do the repair and replacement. >> that's fine we'll come back at the next meeting. >> thank you very much.
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>> any other questions or comments? >> anything if the public on the communications? >> seeing none, moving on another commission business commissioners? >> seeing none, i assume we don't need to have public comment on other commission business so madam secretary precede there the reports or the general manager i suppose. >> thank you we'll start the report with the general manager with a clean power update with barbara hale presenting. >> thank you good afternoon barbara hale assistant general manager for power 6 tops to go over enrollment are procurement the two i do and also talk about collections and partnering opportunities and introduce our staff what they'll be working on
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and answer and question about pg&e 3r50ur789 plan, with a proposed retirement at deblow canyon and material from the update first our program successfully serves the customers over 8 thousand customer locations serving 73 active locations in addition opts out since i recorded on september 13th so we are holding steady added one .9 percent of our customers opting out from the main group our fall enforcement efforts are continued we've sent anti 67 thousand plus enrollment notices and experiencing an opt out of about 0.4 percent so far so it is quite low for this enrollment in fall it was like that when we started
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with our may enrollment 0 we're tracking if the first enrollment period i expect that number to go up but quite low and received one and 51 upgrades to supergreen so that's a result of enrollment from 53 that i recorded on september 13th so a pretty nice jump over the two week period customers continue to sign up for the future enrollment we're targeting for the first quarter of 2017 we now have one and 53 customers that are executed up for that enrollment 75 percent are supergreen. >> so all good news and procurement at the last meeting several meetings i've told two other procurement to meet the
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requirements to for signed one of four especially xhivenths to meet the adequacy be requirement still working on the other 3 the second requirement a long term contracting requirement of state renewable portfolio and no results to report at this time then to my third topic collaboration and partnership as we've discussed in our interests to collaborative with other cacs in california our operating and communications strategies have bang improved and informed by the collections we have with nc e and soma clean power and our voice in sacramento it has been strengthened through the partnerships we have formalized that collaboration in a nonprofit association the california community choice
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association or cal cca local agencies in october for the first formal meeting to share information and experience around planning and operating a cca planning program the informal collaboration since the beginning is more formalized there that formation stay tuned and i'd like to introduce our staff just a moment to say thank you for funding those positions in our be budgets have gone through the hiring additional staff to announce today those are the power staff who positions appear in the clean power operating budget additional power communication and finance staff performed critical functions four
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cleanpowersf but were charge to cross the work order with the positions the power positions at least for example, appearing in the hetch hetchy you'll introduce folks from power and communications that actually are part of cleanpowersf budget so they're working pretty much full-time on cleanpowersf 8 operation staff and 3 engagement staff plus a consultant on the engagement team let me start with the power operation do you have start with the familiar face michael our cleanpowersf director and have please hold our commissioner hasz (laughter) and i ask everyone to stand and stay standing then we have lennar urban, jordan. >> drew and aaron and absent are julia and caitlin those are
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folks that are assigned to power and cleanpowersf and then also members of the team are from communications amy another familiar faces on the cleanpowersf outreach and communication team and sherry clark and i legislator and our consultant scott that fills out the team yeah. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much have a seat. and that operation it is big task but also start taking an additional planning and programming work have not had the staff capacity i'll touch on those first of all, our growth or fatiguing plan you'll remember, if the cleanpowersf business plan that we presented in december of 2017 that we
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talked about phasing or growth of this program how will we get to three hundred thousand accounts in san francisco well with this effort we're now going to again model the program financial and our understanding the site regulatory requirements consumer demand and electrical market conditions our financing needs and option and our operational readiness engaging with shareholders and the commission during the plans development and we expect to bring a final plan presentation to the commission in the spring so we'll be taking this information from the business plan updating that and enhancing with the experience in the program and engaging in an international plan that will discuss our you options how to meet the electric and higher
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renewable content and electrical and affordability and financial sustainability this will explore the energy resources this plan is a statewide requirement and good utility practice we anticipate we'll be bringing this forward in the spring and then finally there is the policeman promissory note open programming and preemption we'll develop supply and demand response programs on the supply side those are the net metering material our feed in transfer program and cleanpowersf changes the potential community or shared solar program we talked about and on the demand side that the locally efficiency programming and storage programming and electrical vehicle promotion
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and weaning we'll include important tools it facilitate the participation in those programs i'm thinking of a great incentives on bill replacement tools that can help us the evidence will then show what we're doing together with consumer equity, if you will, to expand the efficiency and the local build opportunity that cleanpowersf presents and again in putting those plans we'll be engaging with the stakeholders the operating cca colleagues, we have and the department of the environment staff and bring those program recommendations to the commission as their developed over the next 6 to 12 months any questions on that topic before i move on to the next that was a lengthy one. >> okay commissioner president
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vietor and the plans to procure a lot of power and make efficiency investments and charge all the customers including cca and commissioner president vietor asked specifically how much renewals were part of plans they were talking about replacing the meg awaits we take into account at the condominium conversions with the puc they're projecting a good chunk 34 percent of sounds like and their territory service territory will be meet with the energy efficiency that is 40 implying what the hours and 70 percent of their sales to bundled customers will be met
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with the compliant renewables that is 1/3rd large hydro and 2/3rd's resources so that's a sizeable amount to have the g h g free achieved through energy efficiency the final topic was outreach material is where he the incredible puc communications team they put together materials to share today i'll ask the acting director to bring that forward to you thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner charles acting existence u communications director for the sfpuc we're excited we're embarking on the first major advertising campaign for cleanpowersf i'll show some of
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the expects to you shortly we're planning on featuring those pieces on the transit shelter in districts 5 and 8 only the billboards and then were going to close the advertising period with almost a complete buy out of castro street union station pretty much every outside station advertising if that station we call it station domination that's the industry term so per commuter you take muni go to the castro street you'll notice the advisements i'll show a few of them this is wind and clean and supergreen the name supergreen leans itself to advertising to some catchy phrases we're capitalizing on that the next one is from the marital are you the next
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supergreen hero this is in our mailers in our mailers and talking about the program is continuity is important we have to send out the statewide mandated notices and then the supergreen cutting our emissions to zero with supergreen we have two more we did a current article a couple of weeks or months ago it is a breeze so if you think a gm hail says the portfolio is we're featuring that heavily and the final one only you can save the planet those will be translated into spanish and chinese and again, if you live in district 5 and 8 seeing them on billboards and transient
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shelters and the muni station. >> what does the small print say. >> it actually not that small those transit shelters are tie and the billiards are huge so below here the logo the sfpuc logos clean energy is on its way to you on the advisements will be larger they're a little bit small on the escalated down versions is there any context information on that. >> the website slash interslar to renovate, upgrade that's the primary purpose to push our website. >> and then in we're at the coal festival and this week the
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castro street fair and been to community groups in district 5 and 8 being in the neighborhood talking with the primarily the residents any questions. >> i have a question. >> sure. >> why did we select district 5 and 8? >> so we found over the past couple of years we did the research projects that the electrical customers in residential electrical customers in 5 and 8 will most likely stay with the program i don't have the man's but a couple of years ago the heat maps and the areas of city perform best on the surveys that was district 5 and 8 when we put together the plan or the enrollment plan a year
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ago we wanted to start with the places we knew that customers were repetitive to the areas with a low opt out rates that's why we choose districts 5 and 8. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners any other questions or comments any public comment? on this item >> okay. seeing none so we'll think move on to the next two items with eric and a budget update. >> can i have the slides please eric sandler cfo and assistant manager i have two brief presentations for you the first
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regularities relates to the budgetary report we've submitted financial statement to the auditors that are auditing the money map and followed by a kind of and recap of the financial budget. >> first in terms of the q-4 preaudit major themes you've heard them water and wastewater suffered from the revenues as a result of drought condition this is significant so for light water infrastructure $57 million about 12 percent of total revenues $11 million or 4 percent for the wastewater intermits and $10 million or 5 for the power enterprise fortunately, we mitigated reductions in revenue with the productions many of them were one time in nature thank you -
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>> the good news that the financial results met all the policy target for the reserve and coverage. >> so the water enterprise as i mentioned suffered from reduced revenues to $57 million the largest share was $43 million drop the offsetting uses mitigating the reductions were primarily one time savings to our fiscal year 15 funding that reduced the debt service and provisions as to set aside money for debt services $16 million for cut off and didn't use reserves the enterprise was down $20 million
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on the budget. >> the wastewater enterprise lower financial impact $11 million and we were able to balance that exactly $7.7 million was one time close out - thank you. >> i'm getting a lot of help today thank you. >> and the wastewater enterprise ended flat the power enterprise has reduced revenues from lower sales to the s pb and a significant saved 18 plus savings in distribution salesforce that's primarily that's a reduction in the costs doesn't materialize to be what they expected but a function of north off the sounds like so
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reduction in transition cost is less than the 18 point plus in the line item but the power enterprise ended the year to the good siengsz we met all the reserve ratios and the debt ratios and mindful over the next two years that we're still in a post it is your of frugality we're experiencing reduced revenues i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners, any questions. >> i have one the memo that attached to this item says the water sales were one and 70 two plus how does that compare with what our budget assumes for the current year and that's our budget
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assumption. >> a little bit higher. >> okay. inch spoken to mr. sandler about one thing to pursue over the next month to raise to the commission a policy how we deal with any revenues that are generated because we exceed consumption target my thinking we have assumed a level of continued conservatism if 124 is not correct that additional revenue can, a funding of the resource for the distribution programs that's a tip of the iceberg kind of description of my interests i want to make sure that that we continue to presto make our con such as this estimates really if they're not real they generate a plan and
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process how to take away a portion and put that into the conservatism program if we have a draft before the commission in the next two or three meetings that would be great >> okay. thank you oh, and the other thing for cleanpowersf comment working capital reserves are $3. million what's that's part of what we are building up what is the end target on that. >> 3 months operating expenses that is 25 percent that's a little bit above operating reserve - $5 million. >> 5 modified so.
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>> so its - we're looking at a month and a half of results it results during the high margin part of year working capital low fluctuate over the year i wouldn't look at that number and incorporate - >> sounds like we've made it twice over. >> that's obviously something we want to keep an eye on that was part of the trigger to think about what else we can do with revenue of costs are in terms of what the build out i know we'll keeping an eye on that. >> some do not will be more meaningful. >> any other questions or comments? by public comment or questions.
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>> mr. sandler appreciate your bio annual update. >> next item we've spent a lot of time in the winter and spring working on the bilingual budget the between a rock and a hard place that you adopted in february for fiscal year 2020 r 2017-2018 and once the budget leaves the commission like the bill carton a life after commission adoption one of the things to report on what happened that is what this particular presentation and here the schedule here owls all the stuff that happened after the commission consideration and adoption after february '89 we submitted to the mayor and the controller and then i take the un - in march took it to the capital budget committee and recommended to the board of supervisors
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then in may both the capital and operating budget were reviewed the board approved the capital budget in early june and the mayor signed it in late june and the board approved that and finally signed the annual appropriation an annual salary ordinance representing the citywide operating budget and then we will be submitting a formal budget to the government and financial officers association for review. >> just to recap you'll remember the budget priorities were about looufrn cleanpowersf you've heard about the launch for the last few months we're implementing the ssip and completing it increasing the pace of our meeting demands of
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new development and managing the impacts of drought now there were not many changes in the budget we had a couple of technical adjustment what we realized after it left the commission on february 9th that our response to cleanpowersf enforcement was much grandchildren to opt out to the lower and the revenues and expenses to cleanpowersf were higher and now sufficient so for next year and on the capital side we also had appropriated money in the operating budget for long term modernization and many of those can be bond funded we switched from operating to capital and in addition, we had
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$5.9 million of developer contributions for the substation we added to the capitol budget these are the subsequent during the course and looks similar to what you adopted here as you can see for fiscal year 2017-2018 we have it by wastewater and hetch hetchy and put cleanpowersf you see what the board submitted. >> what the mayor approved the net impact for fiscal year 2017 for the migrating operating budget and results in a no change to the budget for fiscal year 17 and then in 2015-2016 as you can see the impact of the increased expenses for energy
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purchasing increased the budget. >> on the capital budget here we have the two year appropriation by water and hetch hetchy and as you can see in the first year an increase primarily because of the $12 million for mitigation monitoring and the $5.5 million for the water substation in 2018 no change so that's the recap of the process the punctuation mark i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay commissioners? >> we are just 0 refresher our memories clearly in the first year so the budget consideration
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of wastewater will be less involved in the 09 years. >> any mid cycle adjustment we see we think are necessary we'll be presenting to you. >> submit now capital extensions or projects every single year. >> we try not to if we need to accommodate we can put them in the supplemental request and we try to follow our 10 year capital plan but do more rigorous capital plan. >> the point not to do the full on process every year. >> we'll talked about if i call it the off year to do a review of our various policies that drive the budget what are the plans for could go this cycle.
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>> we will be picking up that again. >> that's an opportunity if we choose to make any changes in the policy that gives us plenty of warning to feed that into the next between a rock and a hard place coalition. >> one of the group of policies that drives the revenue requirement the financial policies we'll be considering as part of rate study we're planning to bring those sometime and doing work and hopefully present you a revenue and recommendation. >> okay. thank you. >> any other questions or comments from the public seeing none, we'll move on. >> so the next item. >> is 9 water shed update mr.
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richie. >> good afternoon steve richie assistant general manager for waters if i can have the slides please i'll provide an education and recreation program first of all, for the water shed it is 23 acres of water from the spring value company in 19 thirty it includes the san mateo and creek water sheds and the feetdz into the san andreas reservoirs a fish refugee and the only fish and game for the this is the only finish and game refugee
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and it is part of golden gate bio reservoir this is a photo of water shed particularly showing the mission creek canyon and in decision with the staff it is close to an urban area it is close to a play for the water shed management commissioner will recall that a management plan adopted in 2002 for the guidance the water shed includes maintaining improved the quality and public safety and provide for education and recreational compatible with other goals that clearly protecting the water quality is the number one goal and the commission adopted the water environmental stewardship in 2006 and the foundation plan
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was supporting the recession of species and their habitats there are 31 miles of existing trails in the water shed two primary north-south trails the crystal springs that is managed by san mateo and the bay area that is managed by us as anticipated in the peninsula water shed we've been pursuing 3 trades it the bay area expansion and the noting santa ana dress and the improvements here's a map showing the trails the black dash lines the existing trails that run two linear courses and the dashed lines the additional trails the plan with the santa ana dress
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and towards the southern end and the chrysler springs on the right hand side of the map i'll talk about those briefly this is $6 million between highway 22 and outside the water shed at the southern end the initial initiation of public review is market 17 for that we expect to complete the environmental review and start that project in 2018 on the trail by the end of 2018 and not anticipated federal environmental review but turned out there was a small grant we received from the state of california and turned out to have federal money we had to do federal environment in retrospect i'm not sure we would have done that the sonya
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affordable unit dress to be completed by december of this year and expect the construction in 2019 and this is a photo of the peninsula trail the ridge trail and this is open for the dos recreational hikes and bikes another trail project one being run by san mateo parks in the lower crystal springs we have south of highway 92 permitted issues this is currently on hold they're trying to deal with dangerous species issues and east perimeter trails the county is working on there is one trail project that was not in the plan the whiteing
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ridge connection our their general manager plan not included in the plan in 2002 but made property acquisitions to make this more relevant this will go from the coast up to the ridge line on the northern end of the water shed it is generally consistent with the strategy to sure k345r7b8 compatible with other goals keeping them on the perimeter of the water shed discussion are underway with the development of this proposal trail management is circling done particularly for the ridge trail again that is the dos led groups proposing to move to an annual bid system coupled with that because the permit that got changed requires the environmental review you can't change it to make that policy
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decision we're considering 7 days a week they're aware to assess the trail and trail use this is a program that is very similar to what the east bay used for their mud trails in the east bay area so in summary we'll move forward with 3 projects identified in the original plan with the good bay area council and san mateo parks, the proposed renal and the new policies and opportunities we're looking at developing a local permitting system and with everything proposed operations need to be in the balance of the drinking water for the protection of goals there's been a lot of activity by a group to open the water shed to press for more opening
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of the trades in the peninsula the board of supervisors is considering the resolution urging did puc to open the water shed and report by next march on the current projects and possible additional proposals to open more water sheds again, the board of supervisors resolution that urges the commission but cannot dictate what can be done in the matter that is being heard although i understand that supervisor avalos who is largely the sponsor is not able to attend the board of supervisors meeting it maybe put off today i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioner tang. >> on the surface i don't like it i see no reap to introduce more people into our waterproofing and i do that your primary concern is water and protection
7:44 am
of so with that, said how is this permit just going to work. >> the way it is anticipated to work this is not flushed 0 out in detail yet is that you will have to register you'll have to have the permit with you all the times similar to other things you'll have to pad the test to make sure you read through the regulations and responsibilities as if you can't pursues the permit with requested by a staff person we'll have folks patrolling the trails you'll losses the trail privilege for one year or 5 years or lifetime. >> any them be dos. >> we'll continue that program for sure.
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>> we'll have a combination of both. >> yes. >> not all will be dos. >> not all dos led. >> okay may i have the map in chloroform. >> actually, i, assess the one here. >> okay. i'm just thinking about all of that stuff. >> that's all my questions now. >> commissioners. >> yeah i'd like to echo commissioner caens concerns the safety of water shed and by the exit of area is very important so i just want to echo similar concerns about seizing that area just because you can doesn't
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mean you should. >> did you see that the change that that change of policy is requires ceqa review. >> yeah. for the for construction the trail construction for changing the management approach to san francisco that more open is for a permitting system. >> i know one way we first adopted the dos a program that was a very conservative approach and came out of concerns echoed this afternoon a lot to do with the trail complex between e train concerns trails about the trails unsupervised and the
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trail erosion that sort of thing i assume that was quite a few years ago i assume we have a rich history we'll help to inform our decision considering the conflict and other things to make sure they're managed and that will be part of environmental review. >> that's correct. >> as well. >> okay. well, i think that is helpful when the environmental review comes back to us the kinds of things i know i'll be looking for and sounds like commissioner caen has similar concerns to make sure as we consider expanding assess to the water shed our first job is also experience the protection of the water supply for the city and for our suburban customers as well and that will have full
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treatment as part of eir. >> yes. that's correct i'll be remiss if i didn't point out i'm sure you saw a number of individual e-mails i think that doovk gives a number of e-mails from people that point an open water shed and those are all dirt roads open everything tomorrow what's the problem a large number of folks that focused on the environmental impacts was a gentleman what very telegraph hill involved in 280 when it was constructed he has a lot of history of that discussion and wanted to make sure that his voice was heard and passed that on i think that was addressed to the supervisors and definitely pass that on to the board of supervisors. >> when we went through this
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before a lot of experience not only the east bay mud but the mull another one with an go extensive water shed and very different kinds of experiences they/had and we looked to and learned from them as well. >> i reminded of a comment that one of the water shed managers made in the public discussion he said your community loves our water shed their loving them to death. >> i have one water shed person to radar guns to monitor the speed of water. >> okay a lot to think about i think my colleague this is a pubically owned asset and one with a particular purpose and make sure that purpose is protected as we consider the
7:50 am
ways to assess we have some speaker cards molten. >> i have one last question who is responsible for enforcement the state park rangers. >> that's us. >> we coordinate with san mateo sheriff's department and many from time to time architectural operations at the water shed to be cleaned up and removed about one a year something like that so we do a lot with the county and with calfire in the water shed. >> that's a richie question puc has a long enforcement arm that enforces the regulations here. >> they don't carry firearms and no formal relationship. >> the county sheriff's are deputized but not carry firearms
7:51 am
but hand out citation and things of that nature. >> thanks. >> okay. i have 3 speaker cards marshall. >> thank you very much i'm appearing here on behalf of the asking you audubon society i'd like to commend the commission on considering this issue i'd like to make a couple of points wards to this no one actually is really being deprived of the experiences that the water shed could offer without offering the water shed itself there are many areas within a short small radius of the city
7:52 am
that offer those kinds of opportunities but the down side of opening the water shed on a limited basis history has shown that once you open those kinds of areas there's intentional pressure and requests for more opening more activities and so on as much as mountain biking and so on this water shed area is a very important environmentally and ecologyly sensitive area a number of skaurgsz species that will be disrupted we have eagles and other types of sdaurgsz species in summary having pointed out those points there - the self-residence peninsula and visitors and tourist from other
7:53 am
areas have any other opportunity in close approximate proximity there are trails on the east side that are miles long that offer opportunity to go along and no compelling interests in opening this to will you for further degradation and fire issues and for example, if there were a mountain lion connotation in that area there will be issues related to degrading the relationship between predator prey and so on this is not a good idea maybe some people that want to open up every area everywhere but the commission recognizes spiritual sensitivity i urge you to do the same and
7:54 am
the additional agreement on the water shed purposed by san francisco recognized those issues and that it shouldn't be open to more public traffic and i encourage you to you honor that long term commitment and not on the water shed to more traffic thank you. >> thank you. >> lenny robert. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm lenny robert and speaking for green foothills in santa clara couldn't thank you for the opportunity over 50 years we've been promoting access to the bay and the development of trails as well as promoting the additional park lanes and most of parks and open space visitors in the -
7:55 am
were largely due to the efforts of citizens including our organizations we respectfully disagree with the staff's recommendation for the unmanaged unoccupied and in this remote area the ridge sort of other connecting areas the pencil water shed is a protected water shed and a refuge not a park and not contemplated as a park when the mission district had a park that's a different kind of place proponent are taunting the responsible assess i'm sure you're aware not everybody behaves responsibly and the final eir for the management quote although most recreational users consider themselves
7:56 am
responsible a percentage will inevolving violate the assess and engage in illegal trespass and building of unauthorized trails a significant issue for erosion and sedimentation in the reservoirs and further one match to turn 24 into is a discharge place the rim fire your paving aware of and other fires were started with illegal camp fires hundreds of trails throughout the peninsula for unrestrict assess two which we weren't of the sierra club and audubon and the native plant society and the committee for the green hills are the major organizations all support expanding the dos a program only 3 days a week and make is that days easy for people to use it and also were
7:57 am
partner with san francisco and peninsula schools and 09 community organizations like latino extension to the sierra club that will help exclusive the goal of increased assess and recreational access to and protect the celebrated water quality and seattle and other cities have educational opportunities in they're fully protected water sheds and san francisco, california do the same thank you for listening and thank you also for your comments i know that you have this responsibility take is seriously and we totally support that thank you. >> thank you. >> peter. >> i hope i got the pronunciation of that.
7:58 am
>> don't worry about the pronunciation in chinese it is one sill building i'll peter i live in the southeast corner of san francisco and lucky to live there over 40 years never gorl gone to the peninsula water shed and i never will go it is not a park and it is not that recreation area we have you're aware i'm sure 60 thousand acres of open peninsula open space people coming from the southeast corner run into huge the huge parks san bruno from san francisco heading south you run into the ridge and the mountains 60 plus thousand spaces of open trails
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surrounding the water shed the water shed is opted out by red tailed frogs and mountain lions and nature plant and sunflower and the gentleman from the audubon society mentioned if you have individuals going out into the water shed loan what if they get attacked by a mountain lion who should be hunted down for that offense we opened the door for some political reasons oh, my god we've opened you it is meaning so many politicians think we need to open up more land i don't think that supervisors know we have 60 thousand acres of open space we need to open more land it is for to thinking we as human beings
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need to think in the 21st century is the 6 extension we're wiping out a number of species and think we need to protect land easier and other animals against the greatest ape the human being we need to protect the land areas and say no, no, no stop assess instead of saying expand you know you are mindful people and conscious people i want to say that we have an obligation we're destroying all the continents ata's and americans we need to protect and make them off limits i is support the expanded dos programs please don't let people in unauthorized bring a family how many what that permit person
8:01 am
bring 15 family members thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> any additional comment if the commissioners and i want to echo the last speakers comments my oldest daughter is a bird specialist and knowing there are areas that are not meant to be assessable for birds i'll okay. if we don't see species in a period of time she's okay with that the specifically intended for public space and protecting the water shed and the bio areas means we don't allow the traffic flow not meant to be assessable i want to thank the prior speakers comment. >> thank you commissioners mr. general
8:02 am
manager. >> so i have to other items on and on not on the agenda first, the marsh expire mr. richie will do that a fire broken out near moccasin yesterday. >> again steve richie assistant general manager for wierts if i have the slides please there we go. >> the marshes fire broke out yesterday about 1215 or so the fires size is 9 hundred and thirty acres as of 8:30 this morning and close to moccasin it is away from moccasin a good thing not clear if any of it is contained not active threaten any of the assets no impacts on water and power deliveries
8:03 am
we are contributing because the old school house is acting as the command post for calfire at the fire and very, very smokey in moccasin including inside of the buildings and what they call an evacuation advisory we could, asked to evacuate that could potentially effect our activities to make sure we deliver water from the local rear view mirrors we need to issue a press released about the fact if our services are continuing without impairment at this time here are a couple of photos taken yesterday as of any fire in the foothills a hot fire lots of brush the photo on the right is up in the hills above moccasin and visible at the
8:04 am
bottom of the frame this is a map of the fire owl area that long gated with the break points that's the fire bound as of this morning and moccasin reservoir with the arrow in the upper left hand there are 3 pink dots that are what is marked d m those are division for firefighters purposes the fire jumped highway 49 and x extinguished there's peace reservoirs one of the concern is the fire can advances up the hill and k0i7b8d there are other fires in the areas some other roads they are ideal for fighting fire if we get to that point that's continuing on
8:05 am
this is one that gives us a visible of you know what is like today, there actually with the reference i believe that the publisher that comes from my the sierra got the best job on this one that photograph is taken on heir one 20 so moccasin damn is in the lower right of photograph this is over that hill so a lot of concerns on our part about the fire relative to 9 moccasin not particularly the delivery of water and power at this time one last slide here we do a lot of the emergency response and carol our response manager is working closely with the moccasin staff
8:06 am
their emergency response capability is quite good they have to respond frequently i've shown an example this is the instant command organization we have there and setting up and going to the robs and frankly our moccasin folks do a good job of keeping on top of of the issues and making sure that none of our facilities are effected i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners. >> how was it. >> hospital highway was it started they don't know. >> was that part of -- >> jackass creek if it comes over that renal it is the water shed. >> and that event those flows
8:07 am
get bypassed. >> correct. >> underneath the reservoir. >> we're bypassed and the reservoir is empty. >> we'll keep you updated it started yesterday and the folks in moccasin responded and calfire has responded very, very well, there is approximately nine hundred firefighters on the scene and 86 winged ieshth and 4 helicopters and twice a day conference coolers so our next conference call is 5 o'clock this afternoon. >> and send out message as well. >> thank you. >> i have one other item which is the delta plan on the san
8:08 am
joaquin this is the substitute environmental document and discussed it's flows on the tribute to the san mark keen river and - they talk about the june time period and the unimpaired flows are the staff recommendation thirty to 50 percent during that period of time we're naval the document and going through that thoroughly just wanted to give you a heads-up to ask you how we'll position ourselves and comments are due in mid-november and a timeframe we'll ask for a time extension it covers quite a bit on the impacts benefits and costs and there i'll say appendix that is dedicated to san francisco we've special in this document do have more to
8:09 am
say by the way, coming to discuss in more detail a but we have 3 meetings two in october and one in november. >> before you need to make that final comment. >> okay any other comments by the commissioners any public comment on the general manager report? sir welcome >> thank you peter travel river trust our position we certainly need more water flowing down this for fish and wildlife we support the general direction of substitute environmental document personally i feel that sfpuc has done a good job of managing the system for purposes
8:10 am
for the water supply and a great job at conferring water in fairness the amount of water for the place it proportional to how much water is taken from the river i'll encourage the staff to look at under licensing requirement for that the increased flows are san francisco puc takes the burden of that 51.7 percent per the fourth agreement signed in 1966 unclear if 33 the water board imposes higher flows in the fourth amendment kicks in the interest of sfpuc to support the higher flows through the s e d and the control plan if it means
8:11 am
that it will precede and preclude 51.7 percent opportunities for us to work together and most of all thank you for the great work and figure out ways to protect the finish and wildlife that needs nor water and water supply the puc is a great model for the rest of the state. >> any other principles on the general manager report. >> thank you moving on to the next item the report from bosca. >> good afternoon commissioner. >> nicole bosca ceo thank you for having me first, i want to graduate commissioner president vietor and others reappointments i look
8:12 am
forward to more years working together i wanted to touch on one thing to give an update on east palo alto and mountain view regarding the water transfer in august on august 2nd the city manager received a letter to work with east palo alto to provide a water supply needs both of the agencies as you can see are members of the bosca the staff of east palo alto and mountain view and myself and bill of rights can are discussing the potential water transfer that is permit in the 2009 water supply agreement that was signed by all 26 boca and puc mountain view members have initiated the discussion on the terms of this transfer bosca and
8:13 am
the puc are providing technical and legal support as necessary we're not intrinsic to the new york city but supporting that final approval will require the affirmation for the city councils the level of approval that is needed by the puc or the other bosca agrees low depend on the final arrangement the details will have to meet the long term needs but are working together for the water transfer in the meanwhile the applications inform implement the 3 development proposals within the east palo alto is continuing though the required processes in that city to secure water and other thorthsdz through communicated meetings and discretionary visible studies before the commission and the city council and
8:14 am
offering to fund east palo alto two-pronged solution so the developers are funding the hiring of specialized impounded to expedite the work and retaining an attorney for transfers they did have one so it is a helpful addition to moving forward with those contracts as east palo alto and developers hope to expedite the solution for a water supply in challenge for the water contract those vendors will receive an allocation for one and if approved in the meanwhile bosca goal for this to be completed early next year i know we're working hard and provide those to donna for
8:15 am
the record. >> i have a comment that is very encouraging and it is not common in the water world that agencies will actually look to each other and think about boarders and think how to create and resolve problems i'm pleased to hear of that and currently all parties to proceed it is good news indeed. >> it is good news. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> any commissioners questions or comments any. >> no. >> any public comment? >> on the bosca report. >> seeing none, madam secretary the consent calendar. >> stem
8:16 am
may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. a approve the water ascertainment so for the proposed 1629 market street project and b accept the contract approve modification number 2 increasing the contract by 200 plus and authors the final payment to the contractor and c accept the contract approved modification to increase the contract by 200 thousand plus and authorize the final payment to the incarcerating and d accept the contracts approve the modifications increasing by $91,000 plus for the time extension of 14 consecutive
8:17 am
payment days and accept the total contract not to exceed $6 million plus and authorize final payment to the contract our. >> okay commissioners any items you'd like to have taken off consent members of the public then can i have a motion. >> so moved. >> mr. second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the consent item carries. >> item 10 please. item 10 improve the amendment to authorization of extension up to one year. >> ms. happy. >> good afternoon, commissioners this item so ask for a time extension on the
8:18 am
environmental contract with urs so they can do environmental mitigation monitoring during construction as you recall we had a inclined package for the water shed center and the sinal ride shop and maintenance facility and the bids came in high the two types of construction are different so we bid the packages and we put out the construction of the sin outline yard so we need the vial to go along with that and monitor the construction. >> commissioners. >> i move the item. >> there is a motion and a second seeing none. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? working that motion carries. >> on the consent calendar we'll not be hearing items 17 through 22.
8:19 am
>> what did i say. >> consent oh, on the closed session items 17 through 22 will not are be heard. >> item 13 is existing litigation for viral scientific crack sill versus the national park service and item 14 restore hetch hetchy versus city and county of san francisco, and item 15 existing litigation city and county of san francisco versus in and out dry cleaning incorporated in and out mr. flanagan et al. >> thank you is there any public comment on items on the consent calendar - the closed session items. >> i'll get there sooner or later can i have a motion for to
8:20 am
assert the tnt privilege. session. >> okay. we're pack from closed session madam secretary. >> i forgot to read item 16 prior to going into closed session i'll read that an unmyth claim for proposed settlement brought by calvin arising from the incident. >> okay. thank you the commission took no action on item 14 and settlements were approved an stems 15 and 16 and no action on item 13. >> and item 13 thank you.
8:21 am
>> okay schizophrenia can i have a motion whether or not to disclosure. >> moved and seconded. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion passes any other new business from commissioners. >> and then i'd like to first of all, thank you for your tolerance of my rusty a good deal of. >> i was not going to say anything. >> you or so kind and then also to close in recognize and appreciation wantedy appoint commissioner courtney and we're agenda.
8:22 am
>> hi, i'm frank jorge golden go up a utility supervisor for the distribution system i offer seizing see the personnel that install water maidens and water carbon monoxides i've personal proud to work with city and distribution place whether a fire or main break those folks come on scene and get the job done 3450r7b9 what time they're here to take care of each other and make it so a safe and secure way i was encouraged to learn to deal with the services and breaks and i wanted to move into understanding how to do main connections one the great things that the sfpuc to move to
8:23 am
different sections in if you're tdr in learning a different job you have the ability to move up i courage anyone to step out of their comfortable zone and work on a system as large as a our water system we started from one end and keep on going it's a fascinating job and i'm going to stay here because i'll never learn everything to learn about this systemyou. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in landing a contract with the sfoifk is pretty champ but now
8:24 am
with the opened contracting center visitors can get opportunity at the new state of the arc facility and attend workshops and receive one-on-one technical assistance and learner what you need to become a primary contractor or what information to be a subcontractor and a created bed public commission it will help people to assist people to compete for and performance open city contract a lot of small businesses do have the resources to loblth the opportunity so one of the things we wanted to do was provide ways to access contract >> access to the plans spiefkz
8:25 am
and a data place basis ease contracting opportunity and funding or capital training. this is and other documents that needs to be submitted. to compete is a technical skill that it takes to win a scheduling for a popular to you can win a professional services job or how to put together a quote it's all those technical pieces. looking at the contracting assistance center is our touch point with we get the people to come and see the planning specks and later than about projects earlier is he get training so you're ready to go arrest hello engineering it has all the tools that a contractor small or large can come here.
8:26 am
i can't say enough about the center it's a blessing. we do business all over the country and world and a place like the contractor center to identify the business in san francisco >> the reality is you need training and that's what the center is here to train and make you better qualified to go work with the city and county and to be successful at the end. >> that will give people the competitive edge e edge at receiving contracts with the city. >> we have krafshth services here that help you find out where you need to get the skills forbidding. >> i mean local businesses
8:27 am
participation in city projects is a winning factor it helms help the business their local businesses they're paying savings and a property tax and payroll tax and normally adhere san franciscans so their bowing goods and services in san francisco it really helps the economy of san francisco grow so its not only a benefit to the project but to the city. the contractors center is 5 thomas melon circle in the bayview area open 8:30 to 5 welcom >>[gavel] >> >> good morning and welcome to
8:28 am
the san francisco county transportation authority monthly meeting, i'm scott weiner the share of the authority, would you call the roll? commissioner avalos? >> present. >> breed? here. >> campos? >> absent. >> coen? >> present. >> farrell? >> ab scent. >> kim. >> here. >> peskin >> present. >> tang, present. >> weiner present, commissioner yee? yee is absent and we have the quorum. >> okay, we will go to the chair's report, colleagues i would like to again by reporting that our transportation charter amendment revenue measure and proposed sales tax increase have
8:29 am
been placed on the ballot as propation jand k. each one requires a majority vote of the voters to pass during the summer, contra and santa clara also put on to sales tax on the ballot. in addition to bart's regional bond measure is on the ballot and all three part counties, san francisco, alamena and contra costa and the city of oakland, and ac transit are also going to the voters to approve local measures all of these measures are needed to be part of the streets and transit systems continue to require repair and vinestment and we cannot wait for the state and the federal government to take up the tabs, over 50 percent of the transportation investment or region through 2040, is provided by the local sources in the summer has increased over the
8:30 am
years. that is because this approach is working. counties like ours, especially delivered the voter proof projects small, to get them grant ready so that they can compete for and leverage private funds. >> to help the best use of the funds, our transportation authority is working in conjunction with the planning department and mta and other agency to develop the long range transit plans, including the subway vision, and the legislation and the call for such a plan, so the master plan, and to the board of supervisors passed last year, and i was pleased to see the out reach conducted for this study over the summer. and to hear about the response from the public on the question of where san francisco should build the new rail lines. >> i am told that we received, 2500 responses across the city and region and i look forward to seeing the stud at the transpower passion committee on october, 1